Xia Jian did not expect,My acting skills will be so good。as expected,The masked man laughed and said:“Junjie,You are still smart。Honestly let you roll together,After we withdrew smoothly,You can go home,Uncle is asking for money,Don’t want to kill“

“Good good!I’ll shout“Xia Jian nodded and bowed,Full trick。To know,Xia Jian also experienced a scene bigger than this,Only three masked men with knives can’t scare him。
Xia Jian glanced outside,Shouted in a high voice:“You come in!Don’t fool around,They have knives,And still three people,You are not an opponent,Still be honest“Xia Jian’s words haven’t finished,Just got up from the ass。
“Are you fucking shouting?How is this different from reporting。Unlucky stuff,What kind of oil will come at this time,I’m eager to reincarnate?“The masked man gave Xia Jian two more shots behind Xia Jian,He meant very clearly,They come to rob,Xia Jian shouldn’t come to cheer。
At this time,Chen Jianping walked in with his hands,He walks,Begging for mercy:“Brothers!We just passed by,Please forgive me for the offense“
Xia Jianping bent over,Raised his hands to the sides of his head,His eyes turn quickly。Xia Jianneng could tell,He is looking for hands-on opportunities。
Who was standing behind Xia Jian suddenly laughed and said:“It’s a fool again“This guy gets excited,The sharp knife against Xia Jian’s waist was suddenly taken away。
Xia Jian’s heart moved,Opportunity here,He must not give up。He suddenly shakes,People have flew out sideways。at the same time,Chen Jianping seized the opportunity,A vacant,The whole person flew。
Just listen:“Ouch“Bang,Which person standing behind Xia Jian was kicked and flew out by Chen Jianping。The danger around Xia Jian was lifted,He pounced on someone else’s mask。Guy with a knife in his hand,Keep scratching in front of the face,Still embolden yourself。
Deal with such a person,Xia Jian’s shot is fast and ruthless,Who hasn’t touched the north yet,Was kicked by Xia Jian and crawled on the ground。Chen Jianping moves faster,Just for a while,The other two have been beaten by him and lie on the ground。
“Let go of the employees here,Let them cheer for us。These guys will be handled by them,We have to keep going“Xia Jian said,Drove the three masked men squatted together。
Chen Jianping responded,According to Xia Jian’s arrangement,Release all the gas station employees。One of the persons in charge immediately called the police。
For safety reasons,Chen Jianping tied up these three guys with a rope。Several employees at the gas station are grateful to Xia Jian and Chen Jianping。
Good luck,They said they wouldn’t take money。Xia Jian was embarrassed,But to hurry,Xia Jian had to say something:“Thank you!And Chen Jianping went on the road again“
Such a toss,Half an hour passed invisibly。Xia Jian is anxious,But he can’t say。Chen Jianping has a calm face,The speed of the car is very high。
At three ten ten,Xia Jian and Chen Jianping have arrived in Pingdu。They bought a bottle of water at the convenience store on the roadside,The two took a sip,Drove towards Xiping Village。