A plan that took so long,Naturally won’t let it fall short。I don’t want to be an enemy of Zhu’s family,But some things,Still need to explain clearly。

Step into Zhu’s banquet hall,No lack of courtesy for the elders,Li Tianxing thought,The Zhu family may not lightly exclude the performer Ye because of his name,But because of my name,Find some reason,Refusal to pay Ye Qing’s fee,Confident about this,Li Tianxing still has。
Everything is the same as Li Tianxing planned on the road,Until I met Zhu Ruzhi,After giving him birthday,Everything is perfect。Turned around and saw Ye Qing who was still making a tumbler,Li Tianxing curled his lips unconsciously,Then in Li Tianxing’s field of vision appeared Zhu Zhengkang who was looking at him,Two people look at each other,What will happen next,As a young and old stepping on people,Naturally,Contradiction has been created,The next step is to see who is better。
Similar to what Li Tianxing thought,Zhu Zhengkang kept a smile on his face,Slowly walk towards Li Tianxing,But I haven’t made seven steps yet,The smile on Zhu Zhengkang’s face froze,Actually it’s not just him,And everyone present。
A wine bottle hit Li Tianxing’s head,No one noticed how Xiang Chen, who was holding a wine bottle, walked to Li Tianxing’s side,Even the bodyguards around Li Tianxing never noticed,But the wine bottle in Xiang Chen’s hand is in front of everyone,Exploded on Li Tianxing’s head。
Surprise mixed with exclamation,Li Tianxing only felt that his forehead was a little moist,Reached out and wiped it,But it’s red in front of me。
“I didn’t apologize for hitting someone when I opened the door,You are very rude!”
Xiang Chen looked at Li Tianxing,Two people don’t know each other’s identity,But it does not prevent them from becoming mortal enemies,Even the unending situation。
“Are you trying to say you drink too much??Are you awake now??”
Xiang Chen speaks without scruples,If earlier,He will definitely choose the way he met Sun Songtang in a small alley,Dingy slip away。But Han Fulai and Wu Weihua appeared,Xiang Chen knows that his identity is no longer a secret,So there is no need to act low-key,Lest some people really think they are tigers without teeth。
The sound of a broken wine bottle,Then it was Xiang Chensi’s merciless remarks,The faces of the old people on the theme are extremely wonderful。
Han Zhili’s eyes narrowed,Know that Xiang Chen is a restless lord,But I didn’t expect this kid to be so arrogant。
Different from Han Zhili,For example, Xiao Jinyan and Zheng Yao,They think that Xiang Chen’s courage comes from the ignorant and fearless,At the same time there was a whisper in my heart,Are all the bodyguards Li Tianxing brought?I saw my master got a headshot,Can’t stir up a bit of blood?
“This is a good opportunity!Fight for a while,You can spare no effort to beat those people!”