Zhang Zhizhen got One British Brother and won the tournament for two consecutive weeks

Zhang Zhizhen got “One British Brother” and won the tournament for two consecutive weeks
Zhang Zhizhen defeated Edmund.Sauna, Night Net Wu Jiang took a fan before the game, there were too many anticipating games, but brought a lot of surprises.In the first round of the men ‘s singles round of the China Tennis Open tonight, a Chinese brother Zhang Zhizhen defeated a British brother Edmund, who is more than 200 places higher than his own ranking, becoming the first to win the tournament for two consecutive weeks.Chinese male tennis player.In two weeks, Zhang Zhizhen will celebrate his 23rd birthday, and this Shanghai boy’s performance in the last month has been amazing.At the beginning of the month, Zhang Zhizhen first won the ATP Jinan 125K Challenge and won the first challenge of his career.After holding a wild card to participate in the Zhuhai Championship, Zhang Zhizhen scored in the second round, and once held 5 match points against Sepi.Although it was eventually reversed infrequently, Zhang Zhizhen’s recent good condition was in sight.Also in Zhuhai, Zhang Zhizhen’s ranking surpassed Bai Yan to become the newest brother of the Chinese men’s network, and got the Chinese men’s singles wild card.Today, against the world’s 34th-ranked British brother Edmond, Zhang Zhizhen won 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (5), and became the second men’s singles player to win in China Open after Zhang Zhi in 2012.Chinese player with the ball.Counting the first round of the Zhuhai Championship to win, Zhang Zhizhen also became the first Chinese male tennis player to win the tournament for two consecutive weeks.Zhang Zhizhen continued in good condition.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe made successive breakthroughs in Zhuhai and Beijing, Zhang Zhizhen’s real-time world ranking has come to 178th, rather than the highest ranking of the Chinese men’s net that is approaching Wu Di’s 140th, and also locked the next year’s Australian Open QualifyingSeats.After being reversed by Sepi in Shenzhen last week, Zhang Zhizhen admits that the Chinese men ‘s net has a certain strength to compete with the top 100 players, but the biggest problem is how to maintain a high level continuously. “There may be a game we did, but thenThe ups and downs of the results are too great, which requires us to seriously sum up.”Being able to win Zhuhai and China Net successively means that Zhang Zhizhen has at least made a lot of progress in the continuity of his state.In the second round, Zhang Zhizhen will play against the winner between top seed Tim and Gasquet.Next week, Zhang Zhizhen perfectly holds a wild card to participate in the better ATP Shanghai Masters, which will be a rare experience for him.