Three steps to quickly get rid of blackheads


Three steps to quickly get rid of blackheads

Little blackhead, big trouble!

After removing the makeup, the nose is densely covered with black heads, making people look into the mirror.

If you have used too many blackhead stickers, then it’s a pity that maybe your blackheads haven’t gone half a minute, but it caused the problem of large pores.

This is because blackheads are shards of hardened oil, mainly a kind of “plug” consisting of sebum, cell debris, and bacteria. They are formed only at the openings of the hair follicles. It is impossible to eradicate blackheads only by pulling.

The blackhead removal strategy is not without, today I will introduce some blackhead removal tips that are hidden by some skincare experts.

  The first step: do a good job of skin cleansing, choose a cleansing milk with a blackhead removal effect to open the pores of the skin and dissolve the dirty things.

  Cleansing is a daily skin care step. Serious cleansing can only clean the skin once, and it can also bring some moisture and nourishment to the skin.

You know, the most direct cause of blackheads is clogged pores, and facial cleansers are the skin care products that most directly clear pores.

For MMs that are prone to blackheads, it is generally the transformation and conversion of oily and combination skin. When choosing a cleanser, you should choose products with deep cleansing and oil control effects.

  Cleansing Tips: Many people do not know that the oils secreted from their hands will affect the effectiveness of the cleanser when they cleanse their face.

So in front of Jie, you must wash your hands first, then squeeze out an appropriate amount of facial cleanser on the palm of your hand, rub out the rich foam and gently massage on the face, especially the blackheads, you can massage for half a minute, wash the dirty things thoroughly, and then rinse with waternet.

  Step 2: Avoid wrong blackhead removal methods, causing irreparable damage to the skin.

  Mistake 1: Squeezing can eliminate blackheads. Moderate squeezing can be regarded as one of the ways to remove blackheads, but excessive fire stimulation can cause the skin’s oil secretion, adenosine, to accelerate the secretion of more oil, just like we squeeze an oil palm fruit.Obviously, the more oil comes out, and the squeezing will cause more serious damage to the delicate and delicate skin, resulting in enlarged pores and scars.

  Mistake 2: Blackheads can be eradicated at once. Everything has a metabolic cycle, and blackheads are no exception.

It takes patience to eradicate blackheads. A few days after the aging blackheads are cleared, new blackheads are being generated. Good, responsible blackhead removal products will make blackheads less than once and firmer pores.

But the problem of blackhead formation, this metabolic cycle needs to be coordinated with daily care with special attention to be slowly cured.

  Mistake 3: Nasal stickers can cure blackheads. When I first started using nose stickers, I saw that the torn nose stickers were blackheads on the top, and I felt unexplainable.

But once you get into the habit of applying a nose patch, blackheads will entangle you like an unfortunate dream and cause your pores to become enlarged.

  Step 3: Tips and tricks, choose the safest way to remove blackheads, improve blackheads, and gradually change your skin texture.

  Baking soda powder method 1.

A small amount of baking soda powder can be used when we usually drink yogurt, a plastic spoon with half a spoon, add pure water or mineral water, and stir with a small spoon according to the ratio of 1:10 until the baking soda is dissolved.

Take a piece of cotton pad in it, gently twist the moisture, and put it on the nose in a semi-dry state, or put it on the chin, forehead and other greasy places, take it off after 15 minutes, do not wait until it is completely dry.


Just do a cleaning job.

  Recommended reason: The reason why baking soda and purified water can easily remove blackheads is that our oil is acidic, so it will be neutralized by acid and alkali, and blackheads will be softened and not blocked in the pores. You just need to gently clean it.Can clear.

In addition, this method will not hurt the dermis, and do not worry about the problem of large pores.