Anhui multi-sector joint release: each household subsidy is 500 yuan to complete this work …

A few days ago, the provincial agricultural rural residents and other departments were jointly issued "Guidance Opinions on High Quality Promotion of the 14th Five Rural Toilet Revolution", proposing a category of rural human residential environment in the province, three categories, three categories Townships and towns in regional economic conditions, rural health toilets are basically popular; two categories, three types have better foundation, basic townships and rural households are willing to change; the three types of region is more weak in township, The penetration rate of rural health toilets has increased steadily.

The guidance is proposed, encourages all localities to carry out the village as a unit to promote the toilet, and guide farmers to combine new homes and other local regulations. In terms of policy support, guidance will clarify that all levels of finances further increase the support of toilet. Actively strive for central financial funding.

The provincial level is not less than 500 yuan per year, not less than 200 million yuan per year, take the prize, first built-in repair, etc. And resource utilization, etc. City, county must implement the subject’s responsibility, overtake the public budget, land transfer income, and implement the supporting funds.

Original title: Make up to 500 per household! Anhui’s rural areas should popularize the health toilet.